5x08 - Fitz-Olivia and-Guests

Bandar Disarmament Deal

Appearances: "Rasputin"


The White House is abuzz with the news of a disarmament deal with the Middle East nation of Bandar.

Navid Turani's InformationEdit

Translator for Farshad Khansari Bandar's Minister of Energy Navid Turani, tells Olivia Pope he wants help from the US Government. He offers to give the location of a secret nuclear facility nobody knows about in exchange for asylum. Fitz asks Susan Ross to make a public statement that will give them all time to verify the translator’s story. Unfortunately, Navid’s intel is wrong and Olivia tells Navid there is nothing she can do for him.

A few hours later, Olivia Pope & Associates realize that Navid was telling the truth, Olivia calls Abby Whelan, who stops Fitz Grant from signing the disarmament deal moments before he was to put pen to paper. As for Navid, he’s found unconscious in his hospital room, bleeding from his arm; once Navid regains consciousness, Olivia apologises for not believing him.