The BNC Special Report is a political talk show hosted by Noah Baker in Washington D.C..


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Cyrus and Michael's EngagementEdit

4x09 - Michael and Cyrus

When Elizabeth North thinks someone is bugging her phone she goes to Olivia Pope & Associates for help, Olivia finds out that it is Cyrus Beene bugging Elizabeth's phone. Olivia tells Elizabeth that her phone was hacked by the goldilocks bug, Elizabeth finds out the truth and as a retaliation, she leaks pictures of Michael Ambruso and Cyrus together, leading Cyrus to quit as Chief of Staff. The leaked photos eventually lead Cyrus and Michael lie about getting engaged but they eventually get married. "Where the Sun Don't Shine"

Fitz and Mellie's MarraigeEdit

Olivia Loves FitzEdit

When the subject of regrets comes up, Olivia Pope admits to Noah that she wishes she’s never laid eyes on the president because of all the hardship it has caused her friends. It’s also hurt the business she’s worked so hard to build. If she had never laid eyes on Fitz, she never would have fallen in love with him, and he wouldn’t have fallen in love with her. "You Got Served"