Anna Gordon
Portrayed by Elise Neal
Character Information
Age: 38
Eye color: Brown
Occupation: Lawyer
Significant Other:
  • Marvin Drake (lover)
  • Vincent Gordon (son)
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Elise Neal
Appears in: The Other Woman

I just thought that we’d have more time, that Vincent would really get to know him and when the time came we’d have our chance to say goodbye.

— Anna to Olivia,
The Other Woman

Anna Gordon was Pastor Marvin Drake’s mistress; she is a lawyer at the National Tolerance Foundation, basically a professional civil rights activist. She is a hate group educator, a regular churchgoer and in her spare time she runs a can food drive at a women’s shelter.

She enjoys being handcuffed to a bed. She has been the pastor’s mistress for over 15 years. She has a son with pastor named Vincent. She had Christmas’ together with the pastor on the December 28th every year, presents and all.

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