5x17 - Olivia Pope 04

Andrew Nichols's Stroke and Murder

Appearances: "Gladiators Don’t Run", "No More Blood"and "Thwack!"

Two of the most shocking events from Scandal Season Four and Season Five. Elizabeth North told Huck to get rid of Vice President Andrew Nichols but he refused to kill him and when Olivia Pope finished the job and killed Andrew herself.

Season FourEdit

Andrew's "Stroke"Edit

Cyrus Beene tells Andrew he needs to resign; Cyrus had already written a resignation letter for him but Andrew refuses to sign the letter of resignation. In return he threatens to take down the president and threatens Mellie by saying that he will tell the American people what she is really like. "Gladiators Don’t Run"

Mellie tells Elizabeth that Andrew is out of control and he needs to be shut down. Elizabeth goes to the only person she knows that can take care of him, Huck. She tells him to kill him but he refuses because he says he "doesn't do that anymore", instead he injects Andrew in his back with causes him to have a stroke. The last time we see him is when Mellie goes to see him in Hospital. "No More Blood"

Season FiveEdit

Andrew's MurderEdit

Andrew Nichols was murdered by Olivia Pope, when Andrew refused to take the Ten million dollars that he demanded and threatened to kidnap Olivia again. Olivia killed Andrew by hitting him repeatedly over the head with a metal chair that was in the The Bunker; where Andrew was being kept. "Thwack!"


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