4x11 - Fitz Grant 01

America's War with West Angola

Appearances: "Where the Sun Don't Shine", "Where's the Black Lady?", "Gladiators Don’t Run", "No More Blood"

Andrew Nichols and Elizabeth North wanted to start a war with West Angola. After the President refused, Andrew went a step too far and kidnapped Olivia Pope.

Andrew Kidnaps Olivia PopeEdit

Andrew meets with Fitz to discuss the car bombing that almost killed him, he asks Fitz about the one thing in the world he can't live without. Fitz realises that Andrew is talking about Olivia. Andrew responds, 'How you likin' that war now, Sir?'. "Where the Sun Don't Shine"

The President Starts the WarEdit

4x11 - Fitz Grant 02

Fitz is about to rally the troops to find Olivia when a handful of Secret Service agents head into the Oval Office. The agents have come to assure Fitz that he needs to do as the Vice President Andrew Nichols instructed. There are many other White House staffers just like them who will be watching that he doesn’t step out of line. Fitz tells Andrew that he wants proof of life or he’ll never give him the war he desires. A short time later, Olivia is forced to make a video. The terrifying theme of the scripted message she reads is that the president must start a war with West Angola or else she dies. Fitz meets with Tom to learn just who he can trust. The fact is can trust no one in The White House. He can, however, trust Jake. He has 48 hours to find Olivia. "Where's the Black Lady?"

Stephen Finch Rescues Olivia PopeEdit

4x13 - Stephen Finch and Olivia Pope 02

Abby lets her former gladiator pals know that means the CIA is going to kill Olivia. Cyrus quashes her attempt to relay this info to Fitz as well. As for all of Olivia’s other friends, they spring into action looking for other options. Olivia steps up to her old friend Stephen Finch, who is flanked by a team of armed men. She confirms that the gunmen are with him. Olivia grabs Stephen’s handgun; she shoots Gus in the leg. Down he goes. Olivia proceeds to kick him repeatedly in the gut. Stephen pulls her away. He assures her that she’s safe now. Olivia asks Stephen to return to Washington with her.

Fitz steps into Olivia’s apartment. He had to see for himself that she was safe. He wants to know if she was hurt. Olivia assures him that she wasn’t raped. She learned that there are worse things than that. Olivia and Fitz get into a shouting match about everything they’ve done for each other. Go to war…fixing elections…and more. Olivia screams at Fitz for failing to do what she put him in office for. He didn’t save her. She’s on her own. Olivia opens her front door. Fitz has no choice but to silently exit. "No More Blood"