Alejandro "Alex" Vargas
Portrayed by Danny Pino
5x15 - Alex Vargas
Character Information
Full name: Alejandro Vargas
Gender: Male
Appearance Information
Portrayed by: Danny Pino
First appearance: "Pencils Down"
Appearance Count: 3

Alejandro "Alex" Vargas is Francisco Vargas's brother and a recurring character in the second half of Season Five of Scandal.

Season FiveEdit

Alex is the first person Francisco Vargas calls, if he needs to campaign for anything. In this case, Francisco called his brother because he wanted to become the next President of the United States.

We first meet Alex when he goes to Olivia Pope and tells her that he has some dirt on Susan Ross. At first Olivia does not accept the information but running out of options, she gives in, and in return gives Alex, Francisco and Cyrus Beene dirt on Edison Davis. Soon after this event Cyrus finds Alex to be a distraction and annoyance and blackmails him and gets Francisco to kick him off of the presidential campaign.


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Season One:
Season Two:
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Season Five:
"Pencils Down"
"The Miseducation of Susan Ross"

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