Abby Whelan and Elizabeth North started working together when Elizabeth replaced Cyrus Beene as the new Chief of Staff and Elizabeth became Abby's new boss.

Season FiveEdit

Both Abby and Elizabeth are kept out the circle regarding the Fitz Grant, Mellie Grant and Olivia Pope situation. Fitz doesn't tell Elizabeth that he went to attend Mellie's swearing in event and Olivia didn't tell Abby that she was sleeping Fitz. Abby discovers that Elizabeth is the one who leaked the scandalous photos that Sally Langston and The Liberty Report found. She uses this knowledge to force a standard of equality. A slightly-thrown Elizabeth agrees to work with her in the future.

Season SixEdit

Abby asks Elizabeth to go and see Cyrus Beene in Prison and tell him that he will not get the Death Penalty. At first Elizabeth refuses because she believes Cyrus did kill Francisco Vargas but she later agrees with a catch; she wants Abby to give her a new job (now that Susan Ross is no longer in the Presidential race. After Cyrus was released from Prison and both Abby and Elizabeth went head-to-head on national TV debating on whether he should've been released - Abby was for his release and Elizabeth argued there was no evidence to prove he was innocent.


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Behind the ScenesEdit


Scandal 6x04 - Part 5 "Cyrus Plan" Scene Season 6 Episode 403:09

Scandal 6x04 - Part 5 "Cyrus Plan" Scene Season 6 Episode 4

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