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Abby Whelan
Portrayed by Darby Stanchfield
5x21 - Abby Whelan 02
White House Character
Biographical Information
Full name: Abigail Whelan
Residence: Washington D.C.
Current Occupation/s:
Past Occupations:
  • Associate @ OPA (Investigator)

White House Press Secratary

  • Housewife
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Blue
Past Relationships:
Character Information
First appearance: Sweet Baby
Latest appearance: Where's the Black Lady?
Appearance Count: 58

Okay... ground rule! Anytime I'm on the CD's, you hear something "R"-rated, you stop listening, and you bring it to me. Understood?

— Abby to the OPA Team, Nobody Likes Babies

Abigail "Abby" Whelan (formerly Putney) was the sassy judgmental member of the crisis management team at Olivia Pope's consulting firm, Olivia Pope & Associates. After Olivia abandoned her firm Abby joined The White House as the Press Secretary. (Randy, Red, Superfreak and Julia). After which she had used evidence she learned about Cyrus against him to take his job as Fitz's Chief of Staff.


Abby was married for 4 years to Charles Putney, the youngest son of former Virginia Governor James Putney. This was apparently an arranged political marriage.  She left him when he beat her in a drunken rage. When he fractured three of her ribs, broke her jaw and threw her out into the snow in her nightgown, Olivia Pope took a tire iron to his knee cap. She then got Abby the best divorce attorney in the state and got her out of that marriage (Enemy of the State).

She stayed with Olivia after her divorce and while Olivia was campaigning during the Presidential election. She likes to bake things to preoccupy her mind. She is an attorney, but works as an investigator for Olivia Pope & Associates (OPA). She got involved with David Rosen, an Assistant U.S. Attorney, who was investigating Olivia Pope. At that time, she helped him with his investigation. Olivia did not want her to help David get closer to the truth, so she had Harrison Wright plant false information that David beat his ex-girlfriend to break Abby and David up. As David Rosen got closer and closer to exposing the truth about Defiance, Abby assisted in covering up the election rigging scandal by breaking into David's safe at home and stealing the voter machine memory card that would prove David's case. As a result, David's case against the Defiance conspirators fell apart and he lost his job as an AUSA. David and Abby have been having a no strings attached - sex only - relationship, although David said that he wouldn't want a relationship with someone he couldn't trust. Abby continues to lie about stealing the voting machine memory card. But the truth soon comes to light and she confesses to David what she did. (Any Questions?)


Abby is very opinionated, whether it is about her colleagues or their clients, she tends to speak up about it. Her personality comes in handy with her job. She uses her investigating skills along with her sass to get into crimes scenes where she's not welcome.


Olivia Pope

Olivia saved Abby from an abusive husband, a politician. She helped her get through and moved her into her apartment. When Olivia opened up her own crisis management firm, Olivia Pope & Associates she hired Abby to be the firms investigator.

David Rosen

Abby and David's relationship sparked up when David was on a witch hunt out to get Olivia, he hit on Abby in bar and surprise surprise hours later they were in bed together. (Hunting Season) Abby and David continued to have a sexual relationship but things started to get serious when Abby discovered what David was really up to, when she saw his infamous wall. At the time Abby was already suspicious of Olivia so she was more than happy to assist David with his investigation. (Beltway Unbuckled) There relationship started to get more serious, David even offered Abby a drawer to put some clothes in; but not too long after that she learned that David had a past of beating a girlfriend - which was false of course, the work of Olivia & Harrison. Distraught she broke it off with David. (Spies Like Us)

For more on David's relationship with Abby visit their relationship page: DAbby


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