2017 EW Set Visit - Scandal Set 02

2017 EW Set Visit

Entertainment Weekly visited the set of Scandal to talk about the Seventh Season, they talked to Bellamy Young, Kerry Washington and Scott Foley.


Scandal is nearing its end. After six seasons of political intrigue that is — in hindsight — rivaled only by the real-life current administration, the cast of the Shonda Rhimes drama is preparing for the difficult task of saying goodbye. Ahead, see exclusive photos from the set. The show returns to ABC on Oct. 5 at 9 p.m.


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"Everything is bittersweet, we're so grateful to be together for another year, but the clock is ticking, so every moment feels precious. We spend a lot of time vowing to be friends forever and making plans together for after we wrap. The show may end, but this family will live on."

"I have to think that would spell war between them but for now Mellie respects Liv. She feels almost invincible with Olivia at her side." Almost? "She also knows her every step, every decision, not to mention every hairstyle and every outfit will be scrutinized simply because she's a woman," Young says of her character's historic role. "She doesn't have the luxury of messing up. Too much is at stake.”  

 Bellamy Young on Scandal ending, Mellie and Olivia in The White House

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