2016 Scandal Style with LA Times - Olivia's Style 01

2016 Scandal Style with LA Times

On May 13 2016, LA Times behind the scenes of Scandal and interviewed costumer designer Lyn Paolo about Olivia Pope's scandalous fashion choices.


"Scandal" costume designer Lyn Paolo explains Olivia Pope's bolder fashion choices this season and what it all means.  

 LA Times

Quotes from Lyn PaoloEdit

"She likes Prada, that's my world.... And Mrs. Prada likes our show.... Designers now like to work with our show. Most of the clothes we use on the show at this point are from the collections. We don't necessarily buy them from the stores directly. We buy them from the [fashion] house or the designer."  

 'What does Paolo know for sure about Olivia Pope?

"You never know what point in history you're going to be in terms of the character arcs. So we purchase the items before they hit the stores. So designers are happy to work with us in that way.... By doing that, when the show airs, the items are in the store."  

 Lyn Paolo on working in Shondaland

"I think [the use of color] helps Olivia. It helps Kerry become Olivia. The gladiators love it," Paolo said. "We did it for story purposes.... It's now become a game with the gladiators. They are always writing to me going, 'What did that blue purse mean?' And I'm thinking, 'I don't think it meant anything.' It has become a thing."  

 Lyn Paolo on using Colour in style


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Olivia Pope's scandalous fashion choices02:24

Olivia Pope's scandalous fashion choices

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