2016 Scandal Live on GMA - Scandal Cast 01

2016 Scandal Live on GMA

Back Row (From Left to Right): Cornelius Smith Jr., Katie Lowes, Guillermo Diaz, Darby Stanchfield, Portia de Rossi, Joshua Malina and Artemis Pebdani.

Front Row (From Left to Right)Joe Morton, Scott Foley, Kerry Washington, Bellamy Young, Tony Goldwyn and Jeff Perry


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On the morning of February 11, 2016 on the Scandal set in Los Angeles, CA. the scandal cast gathered for a live interview with Good Morning Amerca.

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"One of the ways I’ve distinguished between Kerry and Olivia is I wear a lot of bright colors and she doesn’t, so it’s been confusing, but I feel like we’re finding our way."  

 Kerry Washington on Olivia's bright colors

"I think that was a major step forward. I look at it, he's getting stronger, he's getting better. Huck, I think, is trying to be that normal guy. He's trying really, really hard."  

 Guillermo Diaz on Huck

"I think you'll see a lot going forward about what it's like to have a new Gladiator in the office and how we all sort of deal with that energy," she said. "What responsibilities we give him, what we don’t give him and how he fits into the fold."  

 Katie Lowes on Marcus


'Scandal' Cast Joins 'GMA' LIVE

'Scandal' Cast Joins 'GMA' LIVE

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After going live on Good Morning America, the Scandal cast then went live on Facebook to play a Q&A game.

TGIT Live Scandal Cast - 16 02 11

TGIT Live Scandal Cast - 16 02 11

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