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2015 Scandal Style with WYMSEE

During the filming of Scandal Season Five, WYMSEE went behind the scenes and interviewed costumer designer Lyn Paolo about "Rasputin" and "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

Behind the Scenes of "Rasputin"Edit

'Scandal was A LOT last night. For those who haven’t had a chance to watch the most recent episode, “Rasputin,” we promise these facts from Costume Designer Lyn Paolo are relatively spoiler free.' - WYMSEE


Lyn Paolo on working with different DepartmentsEdit

When I am working on a film or show with a large event scene, I work very closely with the art department and the Cinematographer to ensure that we are all on the same page in terms of color and tone. I will often suggest a theme. For instance, if all of the background characters are in tones of gold then that leaves a lot of options for the principal actors."

Lyn on Olivia's StyleEdit

Olivia’s cocktail dress was also by Oscar de la Renta. This transition from a White House diplomatic event to the office at OPA was tricky; Olivia needed to look stunning at the event but serious and somber with Rowan. I think this costume managed to straddle both worlds."

Behind the Scenes of "Baby, It's Cold Outside"Edit

'We caught up with Lyn Paolo to learn more about how she dressed everyone for the White House’s holiday bash, and we tried our hardest to squeeze some info about what we can look forward to on February 11th (spoiler: she didn’t cave).' - WYMSEE


Lyn on Scandal's first Christmas EpisodeEdit

“I love the holidays, and as a result it was such a joy to read this script as it is the first time we have had a Christmas episode on Scandal. On ER and other shows we always did a holiday episode but this was our very first in five seasons so it was a blast to create the holidays inside the West Wing."

Lyn on the colours and setEdit

Our Set and Set Dressing teams did an amazing job creating the backdrop and just made it easy for myself and my team to then dress our actors. I loved the colors, reds, greens, and golds…and that was the task that I set for myself and my amazing crew.

"I loved the colors, reds, greens, and golds…and that was the task that I set for myself and my amazing crew. So Abby in a gold cocktail dress by Michael Kors, or Olivia in a red and silver dress by Carolina Herrera were obvious choices."

Lyn on working with Shonda RhimesEdit

“Shonda Rhimes continues to surprise, challenge, and inspire my work. She makes my world as a Costume Designer not a steady climb but a rolling, rollicking adventure. I, like our audience, cannot wait to see where we go next.”

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