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A Holiday Message From the Cast of Scandal

2014 SAG Foundation Panel Edit

On the evening of November 22, 2014 at Palihouse Holloway in Los Angeles, CA. all of the cast of Scandal were in attendance for the Screen Actors Guild Foundation Panel for Season Four. After the SAG Foundation Panel, the cast of Scandal also stopped by the SAG Foundation to share a holiday poem with their fellow performers. Go to here and give today!

Holiday MessageEdit

Twas the night before Givemass and all through the land,

Actors were thinking how could I lend a hand, there’s one place we know that takes care of us all,

In Winter and Summer, through Spring and Fall,

They give everyday, to Artists like you, with financial assistance all the year through,

The workshops and panels, help us reach for the Stars,

For union performers, it’s all mine, yours and ours,

And everything’s free, they don’t get a dime,

From do’s and from fees and it’s yours all the time,

To keep it all running, we need your help,

Gifts and Donations, a five star review on Yelp!

Support SAG Foundation, in any amount,

Giving is easy, and every bit counts,

with your end of year gifts, we can increase our might,

Won’t you give now and to all a Good Night.


 The Cast of Scandal's Holiday Message from SAG Foundation


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A Holiday Message From the Cast of SCANDAL01:01

A Holiday Message From the Cast of SCANDAL

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