2013 THR Set Visit - Scandal Set 01

2013 THR Set Visit

The Hollywood Reporter visited the set of Scandal to talk Twitter, last-minute monologues and filming the heartbreaking Season Two episode "Seven Fifty-Two".


It's a hot March morning on the Hollywood set of ABC's hit Scandal, and with a script rewrite the night before, there's an air of urgency around the show's D.C.-based crisis management firm Olivia Pope & Associates and its so-called Gladiators. Today, co-star Guillermo Diaz, who plays the ex-killer Huck, is center stage as his character has a breakdown and Olivia (Kerry Washington) and her team members each try -- with lengthy monologues -- to pull him out of his state of shock.  

 The Hollywood Reporter


"There are days of laughing and joking as one family, and others where we're honoring the intensity of the work. And sometimes that means locking yourself in a corner and listening to sad music"    Kerry Washington


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